Universal Disposable Plastic Indoor Garage Clear car Cover
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Universal Disposable Plastic Indoor Garage Clear car Cover


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  • Clear Disposable rain dust cover indoor garage plastic


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PACKAGE OF 2 Fits Any car with dimensions up to 12’x22′ Provides protection from water, dirt, and dust Durable and reusable Elastic band All around for a snug fit Can be used by itself or under another cover for extra protection 3 Mil Thick New Reusable Clear 3 Mil Plastic Car Cover with elastic band. This is a temporary cover that will not scratch the surface of your car. It has a patented elastic band on the bottom and will fit to cover any car 12’x22′ . This will fit just about every car on the market. You can also keep one in your trunk for when you drive your car or take it to a show and the weather is not that great. Now if it starts to rain you can simply take it out cover the car and when the rain is finished take it off and your car is dry in seconds. This is like a car rain coat, even in heave rain or wind with the elastic band it will not blow off. This is also an excellent new product that can be used under an existing cloth cover to protect it from dust and dirt. Cloth cover get dust and dirt in them and they can scratch the surface of the finish. Don’t put that dirty cover on your expensive paint job. Body shops have been using these covers to keep dust and shop debris of the cars parked in there shop. Unlike a sheet of plastic that some body shops use this will not blow or slide off and end up on the floor. This is for a 22ft car cover, Plastic Car Cover When it gets wet you can towel dry it or drape it over you everyday car and let it dry. The wind will blow it around and get the water drops off and the sun will dry it. As with any plastic it should not be allowed to dry and stick on on a wet surface. This is NOT a substitution for a garage or a long term solution to keep the elements off your car. It is plastic and with out door use over time of blowing around it will develop a tear and start to fail. It will last forever on an indoor use and will be good for many out door rain storms to temporarily keep your car clean.

Weight 5 lbs

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